Port Clarence Field work


Doesn’t look like much but that Casa was absolutely full of stuff!

In late June I traveled up to Nome with a couple of students where we met additional crew members.  From there we headed out to Port Clarence, a former Coast Guard station located at the tip of Point Spencer.  The rest of the crew was already there having flown directly from Fairbanks.   We had a lot of gear and people to get into the site, so it was fortunate that there is a fully paved (and very long) runway at the Port.  Our site was located nearby as well so the main challenge was getting everyone and everything out to Port Clarence.  After that it was just set up and doing all of the archaeological work…and as it turned out, our travel days were some of the only semi-clear, non-rainy days we experienced in two weeks at Port Clarence.


Local musk ox herd.

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