Arctic video clips

Last summer I finally played around a little with taking video clips on-site and in camp.  I don’t know why it took me so long to try out the video settings on various cameras?  The results are mixed – obviously I need to practice a bit more – but I like having a record of both the sites and sounds of fieldwork.  I looked over clips from both of my summer 2013 field projects and the prevailing sound is…wind.  And associated flapping of rain gear, tent flaps, waves breaking, etc.  What you can’t hear is the sound of the blowing sand hitting my eyeballs and the camera lens.  Ouch!

A wet day on-site at Port Clarence.  Doesn’t capture the cold well but a good reminder as to why my notes are a bit smeary for this project.

Getting sand blasted while collecting data on the northern Seward Peninsula.

And a very long and sandy walk home.

The vastness of the arctic coast certainly isn’t captured here, but it does bring back memories of some great days out in the field.

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