How do I contact antique Archaeology?

Please submit an email inquiry to

How do I contact the pickers?

If this sounds like you, reach out to their phone number at 1-855-OLD-RUST (653-7878) or email

Who passed away on American Pickers?

Frank Fritz is alive and kicking, which means that the ‘American Picker’s cast dies’ rumor was a hoax. However, Frank and Mike did pay tribute and dedicated an episode to a certain ‘Staunton Al Morkunas. ‘ He passed away on 8th August 2017 at the age of 70.

Is Antique Archaeology still in business?

American Pickers store Antique Archaeology is has two stores in two locations. The flagship shop is located in LeClaire, Iowa, and has been open since 2000.

Does antique Archaeology sell online?

Antique Archaeology has an online shop, but don’t expect to find many vintage treasures for sale. According to the store’s website, availability of antiques is limited, since “most picks sell too fast in the store to put them online.” But you can buy Antique Archaeology gear, like t-shirts, hats, and bandanas.

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Who is the new guy on American Pickers?

Jersey Jon is the new guy on ‘American Pickers.

How do I get American pickers to come to my house?

Anyone interested in having their collection featured, should contact “American Pickers” i at 855-OLD-RUST (653-7878), or email the show at

Who is Danielle married to on American Pickers?

Alexandre De Meyer

Why is Danielle leaving American Pickers?

Even if a spin-off isn’t an option, Danielle may have chosen to leave the show for personal reasons. She is married, and may have decided that she wants to spend more time focusing on her family.

What happened to Frank on American Pickers 2020?

What happened to Frank? His absence from ‘American Pickers’ is about his health. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Frank has reportedly been quarantining in LeClaire, Iowa, manning the other Antique Archaeology store there, which is a half-hour down the road from his hometown of Davenport.

Who owns Antique Archeology?

Mike Wolfe | American Pickers | Antique Archaeology | History Channel.

What happened to the pickers?

He revealed that he has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and it is at times ‘difficult to deal with’. He also thanked his fans for their concern and added that he has been exercising and eating healthy. When the lockdown was imposed, he was believed to be quarantining in Iowa.

Is American Pickers real or staged?

Some observers have alleged that items found by Mike and Frank on the History Channel show are planted. “Some shows direct with a heavier hand than others, but most fall in a purgatory between documentary and scripted show. … “In this regard, American Pickers is probably no different.”

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Is Danielle married to Mike on American Pickers?

Danielle has acknowledged that the success of the show deteriorated her first marriage, but it certainly didn’t deter her from pursuing love again! Since then, Danielle has been married to French artist Alexandre De Meyer. … Mike, on the other hand, has been married only once, to a woman named Jodi Faeth.

Does Mikewolf sell online?

We have limited antiques for sale online, as most of the picks sell too fast in store to put them online. Please visit our stores for our current inventory.

Do the American Pickers sell online?

While American Pickers fans who hit up one of Antique Archaeology’s locations may have the good fortune to bump into Mike Wolfe, the same can’t be said about Frank Fritz. … Mike is the sole owner of Antique Archaeology. Frank sells his items via his website at”

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