Question: How can I join the Archaeological Survey of India?

To get into the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), an archaeologist has to appear in the UPSC exam and qualify the exam with the minimum requisite cutoff score.

How do I join the Archaeology department?

Subjects such as History, Anthropology, and Sociology, etc. build a solid foundation for a career in archaeology. A bachelor’s degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology or History, and a master’s degree in Archaeology and Historical Studies is required to qualify and work as an Archaeologist.

How can I join Archaeological Survey of India Quora?

Firstly, get an admission in Master’s and do these to prepare yourself for a rewarding future. If you aren’t interested in doing a Master’s in Architecture, you can go for a master’s in Archaeology. *Get involved with the department field works to gain extensive field experiences.

How do I contact the Archaeological Survey of India?


Address: Dharohar Bhawan, 24, Tilak Marg, New Delhi – 110001
Institution Head: Smt. Usha Sharma, Director General
Hours: 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
Phone: 011-23004578/79
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How do I get a job in Archaeology?

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree. The first step for aspiring archaeologists is to complete a bachelor’s program in anthropology or a related field such as history or geography. …
  2. Participate in an internship. …
  3. Earn a master’s degree. …
  4. Consider a doctorate. …
  5. Seek employment.


Do archaeologists travel?

Do Archaeologists Travel? … Archaeologists whose research areas are not near where they live may travel to conduct surveys, excavations, and laboratory analyses. Many archaeologists, however, do not travel that much. This is true for some jobs in federal and state government, museums, parks and historic sites.

What kind of jobs are there in archeology?

The roles you would be perfect for include heritage manager, museum education or exhibitions officer, museum curator, historic buildings inspector or conservation officer, archivist, cartographer, social researcher or tourism officer.

Who is the most famous archaeologist in India?

India’s Youngest Archaeologist, Arsh Ali Is Just 17 & Already Has 13 Years of Experience! One of the research papers he is currently working on is about the dispersion of Buddhism to Egypt by Ashoka, where Arsh has found new evidence linking Ashoka’s Dhamma to Egypt.

Is Archaeology a good career?

Career Scope. India has a rich cultural heritage that’s why demand for archaeologists is higher in India. Qualified students can apply for various job profiles in government and private sectors. … Archaeology graduates have great scope in for jobs as well as research in various colleges and universities.

How much money does an archaeologist make a month?

How much does an Archaeologist make? As of Jun 29, 2021, the average monthly pay for an Archaeologist in the United States is $4,588 a month.

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Who found Archaeological Survey of India?

Alexander Cunningham

Who is called the father of Indian Archaeology?

Excavations begun by Sir Alexander Cunningham, the father of Indian archaeology, in 1863–64 and 1872–73……

How many archaeological surveys are there in India?

For the maintenance of ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains of national importance the entire country is divided into 36 Circles.

Is it hard to find Archaeology jobs?

Academic archaeology is nearly impossible to find a well paying job in. Something like 100 people in the US graduate with a PhD in Anthropology every year and there are probably only 10–15 job openings for tenure track professors available each year.

Are Archaeologists in demand?

Employment of anthropologists and archeologists is projected to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. Prospective anthropologists and archeologists will likely face strong competition for jobs because of the small number of positions relative to applicants.

Is it easy to get an Archaeology job?

Being an archaeologist isn’t easy. No career path is. There is no painless pathway you can take to success. Being a cultural resource management archaeologist is a personal choice.

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