What does the crazy archaeologist drop?

Bellock, the crazy archaeologist is an insane individual and demi-boss who resides in the ruins south of The Forgotten Cemetery. … Bellock is one of the three Wilderness bosses that drop one of three shards of the Malediction ward and Odium ward.

Can you melee crazy archaeologist?

While you can melee him, his defensive stats are very high and you cannot protect from all of his damage as you can with mage.

How do you kill a deranged archaeologist?

The most effective way to kill the archaeologist is to use Magic while Protecting from Missiles and avoiding his special attack which includes explosive books. When the quote “Learn to read!” is spoken, run 3-4 squares away from the explosives to dodge his special attack.

Can you kill deranged archaeologist with ranged?

He’s nearly identical to the Crazy archaeologist in terms of combat and attack – he throws books as a ranged attack, and punches and kicks players who stand in melee range. … The deranged archaeologist can be killed in lieu of the Crazy archaeologist for boss slayer tasks.

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Can you range the crazy archaeologist?

Attack speed

Bellock, the crazed archaeologist is an insane individual and demi-boss who resides in the ruins south of The Forgotten Cemetery. He uses Ranged and Melee attacks and can perform a special attack where he throws explosive books that explode in a 3×3 area.

Where can I buy death runes?

Death runes can be bought from all Magic shops with a stock of 250, except for the Magic shop on Ape Atoll. Several monsters, such as ankous, nechryael, and dark beasts, commonly drop death runes. They can also be found in the Barrows Chest with at least 631 rewards potential.

What do you do with Numulite Osrs?


  1. Paying Mernia to look after giant seaweed patches underwater (200 per patch).
  2. Paying Ceto to enter the fish shoal area underwater (200 numulites last for a full day, or 20,000 numulites for permanent access)
  3. Charging the ancient wyvern shield (500 numulites per charge, 25,000 to fully charge)

How do you get kudos in Osrs?

An easy way to earn kudos is to go into the museum’s basement, and complete the Natural history quiz questions on various creatures in RuneScape. To start, talk to Orlando Smith. There are various exhibits which, when reading their plaque, will give you a question related to the species depicted.

Where is chaos fanatic?

The Chaos Fanatic is an insane mage that resides west of the Lava Maze. He is surrounded by unattackable miniature chaotic clouds, which serve as scenery. He drops one of three shards required to forge Odium wards and Malediction wards.

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What drops Rune crossbow Osrs?

A player can finish the crossbow by adding a crossbow string, granting 50 experience and making the unstrung rune crossbow into a rune crossbow. This item can also be obtained as a drop from a Skeletal Wyvern.

How do you get to chaos elemental Osrs?

The Chaos Elemental is a dark cloud with six tentacles that dwells in the members-only section of the Wilderness, just west of the Rogues’ Castle. This area is moderately easy to access from the deep Wilderness teleport lever in Ardougne or Edgeville.

What are fossils for Osrs?

They can be sold to the Fossil Collector in exchange for numulites, or used on the mycelium pool to create enriched bones which can be further processed to eventually gain some Prayer experience.

Obtaining fossils.

Fossil type Drop chance
Unidentified rare fossil 5%

How does the ring of wealth work Osrs?

The ring of wealth approximately doubles the chance of receiving a regular item from the gem drop table by removing the 63 empty slots out of the 128 entries in the drop table. … It should be noted that the ring only needs to be worn by the player while dealing the killing blow before the loot appears.

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