Archaeology lab practicum – beginnings

By Kathryn Berg, PSU undergraduate student This winter term, 2019, I’ve been working with Shelby Anderson and her collection excavated from a NW Alaskan site in the Bering Land Bridge region. Most of this work has been helping organize sections of the collection that became disorganized over a few years. This collection is mainly of […]

Open MS Graduate Research Assistant Position at PSU

I am currently accepting MA/MS students interested in a degree in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology. I have an open position for a student on a ceramic research project, with up to two years of funding. Portland State University M.S. Graduate Research Assistant Position Past Beringian Cultural Exchange and Interaction: A Study of Ceramic […]

Connecting Students to Archaeology

Post by Jonathan Duelks, PSU undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern Public outreach and education is an important part of what happens here in the anthropology department at PSU, as well as with the Port Clarence Project.  As a part of an assignment for the analysis of faunal remains class three of my classmates, Kelsi McDaniel, […]

Flint Knapping

On Monday, Terry Ozbun from Archaeological Investigations Northwest gave a flintknapping demonstration to my intro to archaeology class.  It was a perfect time for the demonstration as we have covered many tool types from Oldowan technology up to Clovis (quite a sweep!).  I am tired of gesturing at photos and drawings of tools on PowerPoint […]