Are there alligators in Dinosaur Valley State Park?

Several kinds of lizards and snakes live here. Yellow and channel catfish, striped and largemouth bass, alligator gar, freshwater drum and bluegill swim in the Paluxy River.

Can you swim at Dinosaur Valley Statepark?

When planning your next trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park make sure you pack your swimsuit. At the park, you are allowed to swim anywhere on the river unless otherwise stated or roped off. The most popular swimming area can be found at the Blue Hole.

Are the dinosaur prints at Dinosaur Valley real?

The National Park Service has designated this park as a National Natural Landmark because of the outstanding display of dinosaur tracks. You can’t miss the models of an Apatosaurus (70 feet) and Tyrannosaurus rex (45 feet) near headquarters. The fiberglass models were on display at the 1964-65 New York’s World’s Fair.

How deep is the Blue Hole at Dinosaur Valley State Park?

The Blue Hole is a deep swimming area in the Paluxy River located in the heart of Dinosaur Valley State Park. It is spring fed and is around 20 feet deep in some places. It is a popular area for many visitors especially during the summer.

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Are the dinosaur tracks in Glen Rose real?

More than 110 million years ago, the area around Glen Rose, Texas, was at the edge of an ancient sea that once covered much of the Lone Star State. Today, you can walk in the impressions they left behind in the bed of the Paluxy River. …

How much does it cost to get into Dinosaur Valley?


$7 per day, per person 13 and older.

Does Dinosaur Valley allow dogs?

Pets must be on leash, in a car, or in a crate at all times. The leash can be no longer than 6 feet. You must be with your pet at all times. You may not leave your pet unattended in the park, in a vehicle, or at your campsite.

How do you identify dinosaur footprints?

It may also be possible to determine whether the dinosaur was running rather than walking, and if so, how fast. Footprints also tell scientists whether or not the dinosaur held its tail upright. A droopy tail would have left a telltale skid mark behind the footprints.

Where are the dinosaur tracks in Texas?

Put your feet in actual dinosaur footprints in the Paluxy riverbed. Marvel at the size of those ancient creatures. Explore miles of scenic trails and make tracks of your own.

What is Dinosaur World in Florida?

Dinosaur World Florida is Central Florida’s only attraction dedicated to the giants of years past. Encounter a wide variety of dinosaurs in a unique, natural lush garden setting.

Where can you swim in Glen Rose?

Places to Swim Near Glen Rose TX

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park. Glen Rose, TX.
  • Meridian State Park. Meridian, TX.
  • Weatherford / Fort Worth West KOA. Weatherford, TX.
  • Lake Whitney State Park. Whitney, TX.
  • Lake Mineral Wells State Park And Trailway. …
  • Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway. …
  • Dallas / Arlington KOA. …
  • Cedar Hill State Park.
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What river runs through Glen Rose Texas?

But in Glen Rose the river that runs through the middle of town is the Paluxy, a short river by Texas standards. It’s only 29 miles long, starting in Erath County and emptying into the Brazos east of Glen Rose near the confluence of Squaw Creek.

Can you kayak at Dinosaur Valley Park?

Can We Bring Our Own kayak? Yes you may bring your own kayak. The park store just provides kayaks for convenience.

How much is a day pass to Dinosaur Valley State Park?


$7 per day, per person 13 and older.

What is in Glen Rose Texas?

Attractions in Glen Rose

  • Barnard’s Mill and Art Museum. …
  • Big Rocks Park. …
  • Creation Evidence Museum of Texas. …
  • Dinosaur Valley State Park. …
  • Dinosaur World Texas.
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