What are the top 5 largest carnivorous dinosaurs?

Which is the most biggest carnivorous dinosaur?

There were about 100 types of dinosaurs who ate meat. Spinosaurus (means Spine Lizard) was the largest meat eating dinosaur, even bigger than the T-Rex.

Is Giganotosaurus bigger than T Rex?

Giganotosaurus was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs. … Today, Giganotosaurus is believed to have been slightly larger than T. rex, though even Giganotosaurus ranks behind Spinosaurus in size among the meat-eating dinosaurs.

What is the second biggest carnivore?

List of largest land carnivorans

Rank Common name Average mass (kg)
1 Polar bear 360
2 Brown bear 318
3 Tiger 227
4 Lion 200

What are the top 10 largest dinosaurs?

Titanosaurs: 8 of the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs

  • Dreadnoughtus. Dreadnoughtus. …
  • Patagotitan mayorum, the Titanosaur. Patagotitan mayorum. …
  • Argentinosaurus. Argentinosaurus. …
  • Saltasaurus. Saltasaurus. …
  • Rapetosaurus. Rapetosaurus krausei. …
  • Austroposeidon magnificus. …
  • Paralititan. …
  • Shingopana songwensis.

Would a Spinosaurus eat a human?

“They would smash all the way through the bones and crush them. You’d be dying from massive shock pretty quickly.” Your ordeal still wouldn’t be over, however. An adult human would be too big for the dinosaur to swallow whole, so chances are reasonable that you might be ripped into two more-manageable morsels.

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What dinosaur can kill a Spinosaurus?

The Spinosaurus recovered quickly from the blow and managed to out-maneuver the Tyrannosaurus and bite deep into his neck. Bellowing in pain, the T. rex groaned out in agony as the Spinosaurus gripped his neck with it’s arms and snapped the rival dinosaur’s neck, killing him instantly.

Can a Rex kill a Giga?

They will kill anything in a few seconds, regardless of stats. The only way to beat them in a straight fight without losses is killing them first, which means around 10-15K DPS, which is impossible.

Can a Giganotosaurus kill a Spinosaurus?

The Spinosaurus leaps out of the way as 5 icicles fall. They hit the Giganotosaurus and kill it instantly.

What is the largest predator of all time?

In addition to being the world’s largest fish, megalodon may have been the largest marine predator that has ever lived. (Basilosaurids and pliosaurs may have been just as large.) Megalodon was an apex predator, or top carnivore, in the marine environments it inhabited (see also keystone species).

What is the strongest carnivore on earth?

The largest carnivore overall is the southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina). Bulls of this species – the largest pinnipeds – have an average length of 5 m (16 ft 4 in) and weigh up to 3,500 kg (7,720 lb).

What is the biggest carnivore to ever live?

Spinosaurus was the biggest of all the carnivorous dinosaurs, larger than Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus. It lived during part of the Cretaceous period, about 112 million to 97 million years ago, roaming the swamps of North Africa.

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What is the most powerful predator on earth?

1 Killer Whale

  • The killer whale is the largest member of the dolphin family. …
  • Orcas are one of the deadliest apex predators on Earth. …
  • Killer whales are called so because this powerful predator hunt large ocean creatures such as seals, dolphins, sharks and even other whales.

What was the longest dinosaur?

The longest dinosaur was Argentinosaurus, which measured over 40 metres, as long as four fire engines. It was part of the titanosaur group of dinosaurs. Its remains have been found in Argentina, South America.

What is the biggest thing in the world?

Largest planet: Jupiter, roughly 88,846 miles (142,984 km) at its largest diameter, which is about 11 times the diameter of the Earth. Largest moon: Ganymede, which coincidentally orbits Jupiter, is roughly 3,273 miles (5,268 km) in diameter and is a little larger than the planet Mercury.

What were the biggest dinosaurs?


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