What is the biggest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived?

Recent research has shown Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is most likely the largest species of carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived, measuring over 50 feet long. And you wouldn’t even be safe in the water — Spinosaurus is one of the few dinosaurs known to be able to swim.

What is the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever found?

Dal Sasso’s calculations meant Spinosaurus was the largest predatory dinosaur ever discovered, surpassing the famous Tyrannosaurus, the biggest specimens of which were roughly 13 meters (40–42 ft) long.

Is Giganotosaurus bigger than T Rex?

Giganotosaurus was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs. … Today, Giganotosaurus is believed to have been slightly larger than T. rex, though even Giganotosaurus ranks behind Spinosaurus in size among the meat-eating dinosaurs.

Is T Rex the largest carnivorous dinosaur?

rex is still the biggest purely meat-eating dinosaur that we know of, and the biggest pure carnivore that we know of that’s ever lived on the land.” But what about Spinosaurus? “Spinosaurus throws a bit of a wrench into this, as it was a theropod, and it was probably bigger than T.

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What are the top 10 biggest carnivorous dinosaurs?

The longest Theropods – update AD 2020

No Dinosaur Length [m]
1 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus 15.00 m
2 Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis 13.30 m
3 Giganotosaurus carolinii 12.50 m
4 Tyrannosaurus rex 12.40 – 13.10 m

What dinosaur can kill a Spinosaurus?

The Spinosaurus recovered quickly from the blow and managed to out-maneuver the Tyrannosaurus and bite deep into his neck. Bellowing in pain, the T. rex groaned out in agony as the Spinosaurus gripped his neck with it’s arms and snapped the rival dinosaur’s neck, killing him instantly.

Could a Spinosaurus really kill a T-Rex?

The Spinosaurus would not have been able to kill a T-Rex, although it would be a tough fight. The Spinosaurus was larger, but the T-Rex was stronger and had an immense bite force that was much greater than a Spinosaurus’s bite. The T-Rex was also faster and more intelligent than the Spinosaurus.

Can a Rex kill a Giga?

Giganotosaurus. Tips & Strategies

Tip: 2 level 200 rexes cannot kill a 25 wild giga.

What was bigger than at Rex?

Bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus lived during the Cretaceous era between 145.5 and 65.5 million years ago, which was the last period of the Mesozoic Era following the Jurassic Era and ending with the extinction of dinosaurs, except birds. Historically, Spinosaurus was known only from incomplete fossils.

Who is stronger Trex or Giganotosaurus?

Both these extinct giants were carnivorous and gigantic compared to other dinosaurs. The T. Rex was one of the more aggressive and dangerous dinosaurs, and although the Giganotosaurus lived in a different time, it is said to have come closest to being as powerful.

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Is Giganotosaurus real?

Giganotosaurus (/ˌdʒaɪɡəˌnoʊtəˈsɔːrəs/ JY-gə-NOH-tə-SOR-əs) is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now Argentina, during the early Cenomanian age of the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 99.6 to 97 million years ago.

What was the baddest dinosaur ever?

The Biggest, Baddest Dinosaur Ever Has Been Discovered. Pedestrians walk past the newly erected replica of the Spinosaurus, the largest predatory dinosaur to ever roam the Earth, in front of the National geographic Society in Washington on Sept.

Why did T-Rex have tiny arms?

What the team concluded is that the T-Rex could likely have turned its hands inward if it wanted to and it may have used its arms to hold prey in place or pull it closer. The idea here is that the T-Rex knew its jaws were its most potent weapon and so it used its arms to keep prey at the perfect biting distance.

What is the largest predator in history?

Spinosaurus discovered – the largest predator ever to walk the…

  • A terrifying cross between Tyrannosaurus rex, a crocodile and a whale was the largest predator ever to walk the Earth – or swim in its rivers.
  • Spinosaurus is the first dinosaur known to have been adapted to an aquatic lifestyle.


Who would win Giganotosaurus or Spinosaurus?

In one side’s favour, you have Giganotosaurus being somewhat more mobile and possessing a stronger bite force. But on the other side’s favour, you have Spinosaurus possessing size, power and aquatic mobility.

What was the largest sea predator ever?

In addition to being the world’s largest fish, megalodon may have been the largest marine predator that has ever lived. (Basilosaurids and pliosaurs may have been just as large.) Megalodon was an apex predator, or top carnivore, in the marine environments it inhabited (see also keystone species).

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