How can fossils be used as evidence for continental drift?

There are many examples of fossils found on separate continents and nowhere else, suggesting the continents were once joined. If Continental Drift had not occurred, the alternative explanations would be: They swam to the other continent/s in breeding pairs to establish a second population. …

How do fossils prove continental drift?

One type of evidence that strongly supported the Theory of Continental Drift is the fossil record. Fossils of similar types of plants and animals in rocks of a similar age have been found on the shores of different continents, suggesting that the continents were once joined.

How can fossils be used as evidence for continental drift Brainly?

fossils provide evidence of continental drift because they were found in continents that are now widely spread apart.

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What types of fossils were used as evidence for continental drift?

Four fossil examples include: the Mesosaurus, Cynognathus, Lystrosaurus, and Glossopteris. Modern day representation of the Mesosaurus. The Mesosaurus is known to have been a type of reptile, similar to the modern crocodile, which propelled itself through water with its long hind legs and limber tail.

What are three pieces of evidence for continental drift?

Alfred Wegener, in the first three decades of this century, and DuToit in the 1920s and 1930s gathered evidence that the continents had moved. They based their idea of continental drift on several lines of evidence: fit of the continents, paleoclimate indicators, truncated geologic features, and fossils.

What are the 4 evidence of continental drift?

The evidence for continental drift included the fit of the continents; the distribution of ancient fossils, rocks, and mountain ranges; and the locations of ancient climatic zones.

What piece of evidence is considered the strongest evidence for Pangea?

Finally, the strongest evidence for the existence of Pangaea is something called paleomagnetism. Some rocks have minerals inside ofthem that are magnetic, and when the rock forms those magnetic minerals will line up and point to the North Pole.

Which fossil would be most useful for evidence of a continental drift Brainly?

The following fossil evidence supports the idea of continental drift: -Glossopteris : fossils of the seed fern Glossopteris are found across all of the southern continents.

Are the evidences clearly established justify Brainly?

Answer: All evidences are clearly established because their purpose is to provide a proof of something. Such that an evidence is not clearly established cannot be considered an evidence at all.

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Which of the following are the evidence that support the continental drift Brainly?

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These four include rock formations, fossil evidence, coal deposits and the continental jigsaw puzzle. These comprise the evidence that support that there was once a supercontinent that over millions of years have drifted apart and formed today’s continents.

What are 6 pieces of evidence that support continental drift?

What are six pieces of evidence for the continental drift theory? Reptile Fossils- dinosaurs couldn’t have swam across a vast ocean. Plant Fossils- all these regions were once connected and had similar climates. Tropical plants found in Arctic- tropical plants can’t grow in cold climates.

What are the evidence of plate tectonics?

There is variety of evidence that supports the claims that plate tectonics accounts for (1) the distribution of fossils on different continents, (2) the occurrence of earthquakes, and (3) continental and ocean floor features including mountains, volcanoes, faults, and trenches.

What are the evidence of seafloor spreading?

The study of the repeated reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles over time has provided convincing evidence of seafloor spreading. Objective: To explore how magnetic studies and age information provide evidence for seafloor spreading that explains why oceanic crust is younger than continental crust.

Why was the continental drift theory rejected?

The main reason that Wegener’s hypothesis was not accepted was because he suggested no mechanism for moving the continents. He thought the force of Earth’s spin was sufficient to cause continents to move, but geologists knew that rocks are too strong for this to be true.

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Are continents floating?

The continents do not float on a sea of molten rock. … Under the continents is a layer of solid rock known as the upper mantle or asthenosphere. Though solid, this layer is weak and ductile enough to slowly flow under heat convection, causing the tectonic plates to move.

Which of these did not provide evidence for continental drift?

Which of these did NOT provide evidence for continental drift? oceanic plate theory.

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