Quick Answer: Where can I find fossils in Yorkshire?

On the Yorkshire coast rocks from the Jurassic period are exposed for all to see, in a series of spectacular cliffs and bays. Staithes, Runswick, Robin Hood’s Bay, Boggle Hole and Saltburn are all good spots to go hunting fossils.

Where is the dinosaur coast in Yorkshire?

Jurassic Coast. The Jurassic Yorkshire Coast, also known as the ‘Dinosaur Coast’, the ‘Fossil Coast’ or the ‘Jurassic Coast’, is a stretch of coastline around 35 miles long, starting from Staithes in the north, to Flamborough in East Yorkshire.

Where are the fossils in Whitby?

Most of the fossils can be found on the foreshore at Whitby, especially after storms or scouring conditions within nodules or loose within the areas of shingle and shale, but fossils are also commonly found in the cliff on the scree slopes either in nodules or loose.

Where is the best place to find fossils in England?

06/06/2018 | Where to find fossils in the UK

  1. Lyme Regis, Dorset – the most famous fossil-finding spot. …
  2. Compton Bay, Isle Of Wight – best for dinosaur fans. …
  3. 3 Atherfield, Isle Of Wight – a hidden fossil-finding gem. …
  4. Whitby, North Yorkshire – best for ammonites. …
  5. Warden Point, Isle of Sheppey – best for sharks’ teeth.
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Where in the UK can you find fossils?

Here is our guide on the best places to find fossils in the UK.

  • Lyme Regis, Dorset.
  • Abereiddy Bay, Pembrokeshire.
  • Herne Bay, Kent.
  • Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex.
  • Bracklesham Bay, Sussex.
  • Redcar, Durham.
  • Charmouth, Dorset.
  • Danes Dyke, Yorkshire.


Is there a beach at Filey?

Filey Beach has a glorious 5 mile wide stretch of golden sand. The beach is lined with an historical promenade with a Sculpture Trail and beach chalets. Close-by to the north, Filey Brigg has some good rock pools to explore and marks the end/start of the Cleveland Way Walk.

Where can I see dinosaur footprints UK?

Footprints of the last of the dinosaurs to have roamed the UK 110 million years ago have been discovered close to the white cliffs of Dover. At least six different species’ prints were found in the cliffs and the foreshore of Folkestone, Kent, after stormy conditions exposed new fossils.

Is Whitby good for fossil hunting?

FIND FREQUENCY: ♦♦♦♦♦ – Whitby yields excellent ammonite specimens and dinosaur/reptile remains, but attracts a lot of collectors. The best time to collect is during winter storms or scouring conditions. CHILDREN: ♦ – Due to the dangerous access to this location, young children should not visit the beach at Whitby.

Where can I hunt fossils in Whitby?

Where to look for Whitby fossils. Most of the fossils you’ll find will be loose on the shingle or by the cliffs. Fossil hunting trips will walk you around Whitby Abbey before taking you down into the neighbouring Saltwick Bay. You’ll then walk your way along the coastline and finish back in Whitby.

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Can you find Whitby Jet on the beach?

Although Jet can be found worldwide, the finest quality Jet is found in seams of shale along the Whitby coastline. It can be found in the exposed cliffs along the coast and also on the beaches and in amongst the foreshore rocks.

Can you keep fossils you find?

If you find a dinosaur fossil on private land, it’s yours to do with as you please. In the United States, the fossilized remains of the mighty creatures that lived in eons past are subject to an age-old law—”finders keepers.” In America, if you find a dinosaur in your backyard, that is now your dinosaur.

Can you find Megalodon teeth in the UK?

We know these sizable sharks were found off the coast of Essex because this is not the first time their teeth have been uncovered from The Naze cliffs. … Essex Wildlife Trust runs many fossil hunting events at The Naze Centre, but finding a Megalodon tooth is a rare treat, well done to Adam and Sophie!

Are fossils worth money?

Fossils are purchased much as one would buy a sculpture or a painting, to decorate homes. … Unfortunately, while the value of a rare stamp is really only what someone is willing to pay for it, the rarest natural history objects, such as fossils, are also the ones with the greatest scientific value.

What rocks are fossils found in?

Most fossils “hide out” in sedimentary rock . When tiny bits of rocks and minerals (called sediment) join together over millions of years, they become sedimentary rock. Plants and animals that become sandwiched in this sediment eventually turn into fossils. Two examples of sedimentary rocks are sandstone and shale.

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How many dinosaur fossil sites are there in the UK?

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Spanning the Mesozoic period, between 66 and 252 million years ago, 516 dinosaur fossils have been found in the UK, with evidence that Megalosaurus used to roam these shores the most common discovery, with nine finds.

How old is an ammonite?

How old are ammonites? The subclass Ammonoidea, a group that is often referred to as ammonites, first appeared about 450 million years ago. Ammonoidea includes a more exclusive group called Ammonitida, also known as the true ammonites. These animals are known from the Jurassic Period, from about 200 million years ago.

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