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Some publications and reports are available on my Selected Works page:

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Anderson, S.L., James Jordan, and Adam Freeburg (online, 2018) Human Settlement and Mid-Late Holocene Coastal Environmental Change at Cape Krusenstern, Northwest Alaska. Quaternary International.

Anderson, S.L. and J. Junge 2017  Late Pre-Contact Settlement on the Northern Seward Peninsula Coast: Results from Recent Fieldwork.  Alaska Journal of Anthropology, Vol.15(1-2).

Anderson, S.L. 2018 (online, 2019 print) High Latitude Ceramic Technology: A Northern Alaskan Case Study.   In: Circumpolar Ceramics: Hunter-Gatherer Pottery Technology and the ‘Foraging Spectrum’, Peter Jordan and Kevin Gibbs, eds.  Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Anderson, S.L. Tushingham, and T. Buonasera (2017) Maritime Adaptations and the Adoption of Arctic Ceramic Technology: Results of Residue Analysis. American Antiquity, Vol. 82(3):452-479. DOI:

Anderson, S.L. (2016) A Clay Source Provenance Survey in Northwest Alaska: Late Holocene Ceramic Production in the Arctic.  Journal of Field Archaeology, Vol 41(3):238-254. Link to abstract.

Anderson, S.L., M. T. Boulanger, M. D. Glascock, R. B. Perkins (2016) Geochemical Investigation of Late Pre-Contact Ceramic Production Patterns in Northwest Alaska.  Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, Vol 6:200-210. Link to abstract

Alix, O. K. Mason, N. H. Bigelow, S.L. Anderson, J. Rasic, and J. F. Hoffecker (2015) Archéologie du cap Espenberg ou la question du Birnirk et de l’origine du Thulé dans le nord-ouest de l’Alaska (Cape Espenberg Archaeology: the Issue of Birnirk and the origin of Thule in Northwestern Alaska). Les Nouvelles de l’archélogie, Vol. 141:13-19. Link to text

Anderson, S.L. and Freeburg (2014) High Latitude Coastal Settlement Patterns: Cape Krusenstern, Alaska.  Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology, Vol. 9(3):295-318. Link to abstract

Anderson, S.L. and Freeburg (2013) A High Resolution Chronology for the Cape Krusenstern Site Complex, Northwest Alaska. Arctic Anthropology, Vol. 50:49-71. Link to abstract

Anderson, S.L, M. Boulanger, and M. Glascock (2011) Late Prehistoric Social and Political Change in Northwest Alaska: Preliminary Results of a Ceramic Sourcing Study.  Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol. 38: 943-955. Link to abstract

Book Reviews, Encyclopedia Entries and Other Publications

Anderson, S.L. A, Freeburg, and B. Fitzhugh (2014) Cape Krusenstern.  In: Hunter-gatherers and Middle Range Societies, Springer Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology.  A. Prentiss, ed.

Anderson, S.L.  (2012)   Book Review: The Archaeology of North Pacific Fisheries.  Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 7:425-427. Link to abstract

Anderson, S.L.  (2010) Testing a Model of Emergent Social Complexity with Ceramic Data in Northwest Alaska. In: The VI Dikov Readings.  Proceedings of the Scientific Conference in Honor of the 85th Anniversary of N.N. Dikov and the 50th Anniversary of NEISRI FEB RAS. Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Branch Northeast Scientific Center Northeast Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute, Magadan.

Anderson, S.L., A. Freeburg, and B. Fitzhugh (2009) Cultural Vulnerability and Resilience in the Arctic: Preliminary Report on Archaeological Fieldwork at Cape Krusenstern, Northwest Alaska. Alaska Park Science 8(2): 42-45. Link to text

Selected Reports

Anderson, S.L. and T. Cody (in prep, final February 2019) The Western Arctic Parklands Cultural Resource Coastal Vulnerability Study: Final Project Report.  Prepared by Portland State University for the National Park Service, Anchorage.

Anderson S.L., O.Mason, S. Jolivette, R.Smith, J. Junge, and K. Braymer 2019 Port Clarence Archaeology Project: Final Report.  Prepared by Portland State University for the Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks.

Anderson, S.L, Strawhacker, C., Presnall, A., et al. (2018). Arctic Horizons: Final Report. Washington D.C.: Jefferson Institute. Link to Final Report

Anderson, S.L.  (2016) Northern Alaska National Historic Landmark Condition and Vulnerability Assessment: Final Report. Submitted as partial fulfillment of PSU – NPS Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (PNW CESU) Task Agreement #P13AC01005, August 31, 2016.  Manuscript on file at the National Park Service, Anchorage. (85 pages report, 60 pages appendices)

Anderson, S.L. and J. Junge (2015) Climate Change and Archaeology in Northwest Alaska: Nuluk Study Final Report. Submitted as partial fulfillment of PSU – NPS Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (PNW CESU) Task Agreement #HP12AC10761, July 16, 2015.  Manuscript on file, NPS WEAR, Kotzebue. (120 pages report, 481 pages appendices)

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