Taking a Second Look

Post by Emily Rocha, PSU undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern This quarter I have been going back through the bulk samples we sorted last term. I have been double checking them, or basically, resorting them making sure each material type is in its correct place. The step after this, which I have done a bit of, […]

Nose Decoration?

Stacie found this amber bead when she was sorting samples last quarter.  I have found amber beads before when working at a site on the (relatively) nearby Noatak River and blue glass beads from a 17th century site at Cape Krusenstern.  But, beads are not an every day kind of find.  Amber can be found […]

Super Sorter

Post by Codi Quimby, PSU undergraduate and Lab Intern Processing large amounts of 1/8” material from bulk samples was quite tedious and at the same time incredibly rewarding. When I first began my work I found differentiating the different types of material quite challenging, especially differentiating between wood, antler and ivory. But by my last day […]