Archaeology lab practicum – beginnings

By Kathryn Berg, PSU undergraduate student This winter term, 2019, I’ve been working with Shelby Anderson and her collection excavated from a NW Alaskan site in the Bering Land Bridge region. Most of this work has been helping organize sections of the collection that became disorganized over a few years. This collection is mainly of […]

Meaning from Surface Finds

Post by Nate Jereb, PSU Undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern I’ve been working on putting together procedures for cleaning and processing surface finds from Port Clarence. “Surface Finds” are artifacts that are found on the surface, as opposed to in the ground, where they should be. Because these artifacts are on the surface, we can’t […]

Brushing Rodent Teeth

Post by Kristin Leonard, PSU undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern Every term that I have spent in Dr. Anderson’s lab has been a new learning experience. While in terms past I have sorted bulk samples, conducted basic ceramic analysis, and tagged and catalogued artifacts, this term I have mostly been doing faunal cleaning and basic […]

Bering Strait Trade Systems – New Info from Cape Espenberg

I am a bit late in posting this “new” information about metal artifacts from research at Cape Espenberg, but another article on Cooper’s Alaskan copper research reminded me about the preliminary metal analysis results. Metal artifacts found in the oldest house we excavated, dated to about 1000 years ago, were sent to Kory Cooper at Purdue […]

Towards an Ethical Archaeology

Post by Courtney Eastman, PSU undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern This winter quarter I worked with another lab intern to begin cataloging and digging through archaeological collections in the sub-basement of the university. The majority of these collections were excavated between 1960 and 1980, and contain no inventory lists, no site information, and little or […]