Oregon Coast Archaeology – Class Project Success

              A short write up on the class project my students and I did on the Oregon Coast was published in the PSU newsletter.  All in all, a pretty successful class project: http://www.pdx.edu/clas/news/psu-archaeology-students-and-faculty-study-archaeological-sites-oregon-coast.  A month or so later I made a much less sunny but equally fun family trip to […]

Lower Columbia Figurines: Part II

Post by Dianna Woolsey, PSU graduate student In my previous post, I described the unusual clay figurines that have been found in the Lower Columbia: simple incised anthropomorphic tablets, and finely-sculptured zoomorphic items described as pipe bowls or club heads.  Neither of these artifact types seems to resemble the clay objects reported from other areas […]

Towards an Ethical Archaeology

Post by Courtney Eastman, PSU undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern This winter quarter I worked with another lab intern to begin cataloging and digging through archaeological collections in the sub-basement of the university. The majority of these collections were excavated between 1960 and 1980, and contain no inventory lists, no site information, and little or […]

More on Clay Balls from PNW

Post by Dianna Woolsey, PSU Graduate Student and PNW clay/pottery project Research Assistant  Last month Shelby posted about the remarkable spread of clay ball artifacts in both prehistoric and historic contexts, and the spread just keeps on spreading.  Two weeks ago I went to Lewis and Clark National Park in Astoria as part of our continuing research […]