I am currently seeking a graduate student interested in the following position:

M.S. Graduate Research Assistant Position

Diet, Food Processing, and the Development of Arctic Aquatic Adaptations

Dr. Shelby Anderson at Portland State University (PSU) is seeking applicants for an MS Graduate Research Assistant Position as part of ongoing research on early Alaskan ceramic technology.  There is the strong possibility of funding (2-yr tuition remission and stipend) for the position.

The student will work with Dr. Anderson (PSU) and Dr. Buonasera (U.C. Davis) on an experimental pottery manufacturing and processing project that will inform residue and ceramic petrographic analysis.  A thesis project will emerge from this work.

Our interest is in studying the role of processing of animal products (bone, fat, and oil for food and fuel) in the development and expansion of Arctic maritime traditions over the last 4500 years.  More info here.

Please get in touch with Shelby Anderson as soon as possible (ashelby@pdx.edu). The submission deadline is March 1, 2018.    See the PSU anthropology website for submission details (http://www.pdx.edu/anthropology/graduate-admission).


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