Prospective Students

I am currently accepting MA/MS students interested in a degree in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology.

I have an open position for a student on a ceramic research project, with up to two years of funding.

Portland State University M.S. Graduate Research Assistant Position

Past Beringian Cultural Exchange and Interaction: A Study of Ceramic Technology

 Shelby Anderson, Associate Professor, Portland State University (PSU), is seeking applicants for an MS Graduate Research Assistant Position as part of ongoing research on early Alaskan ceramic technology.  The position includes one year of funding (tuition, stipend) with potential for a second year based on satisfactory performance in project year one.

The goal of the project is to study past Beringian mobility and interaction through analysis and sourcing of ceramics from northern Alaskan and Russian archaeological sites dating to the last 2500 years.

The student will work with Anderson on technological and/or petrographic analysis of northern ceramic technology.  The student will also be involved in a community accessible database of project associated collections to share with regional communities.


  • BA/BS in anthropology with a focus or specialization in archaeology, or a background in geology with an interest in archaeology
  • Interests in archaeological science, ceramic analysis, or in Arctic archaeology

Please get in touch with Shelby Anderson as soon as possible ( The submission deadline is March 31, 2019.    See the PSU anthropology website for submission details (

Other topics I am interested in working with a students on include the following:

  • Pacific Northwest clay and ceramic technology
  • Willamette Valley and Lower Columbia settlement patterns
  • Remote sensing applications in archaeology
  • Community-based planning for climate change impacts to archaeology
  • Study of organic tool production in the western Arctic
  • Research on northern ceramic technology
  • Chert sourcing and lithic raw material use in northwest Alaska
  • Community-based research on disturbed sites in northwest Alaska

Please contact me ( if you are thinking of applying to work with me.  I am unlikely to accept students who I have not corresponded with prior to application.

Information about applying to the Anthropology graduate program is here and information about funding is here.

Collecting surface pottery at Cape Krusenstern
(Photo by Shelby Anderson 2009).