Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is guided by my interest in the study of the human past and my desire to involve students in my research.  The same curiosity about prehistoric lifeways that drives my research also motivates my teaching.  Every student will not become an archaeologist, but my goal is for each student to gain an appreciation of the diversity of our shared human past. I expect and help students attain a high standard of scholarship.  At the same time it is important to me that I foster students’ personal interests within anthropology and help students follow their strengths, ideas and goals. I strive to be as challenging, and yet as supportive and encouraging, as my own mentors.  My commitment to public archaeology also informs my teaching.  I involve students in my outreach efforts and incorporate service learning into my classes.  Most central to my philosophy is conveying my fascination with the past to my students.

Brighid Thomas - Dec 7, 2012 116 PM - image


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