IMG_4086I am an Associate Professor in the Anthropology Department at Portland State University. My research interests include past hunter-gatherer societies, human ecodynamics, evolutionary theory, ceramic technologies, applied archaeology, and archaeology of the Arctic, Subarctic and Pacific Northwest.  Cross-cutting these interests is a long-term commitment to community engagement and collaborative research in all aspects of my work.

I am currently involved in a multi-institution effort to bring together members of the Arctic social science and indigenous communities to reassess the goals, potentials, and needs of these diverse communities and Arctic social sciences research within the context of a rapidly changing circumpolar North. You can read more about the Arctic Horizons project, and participate virtually, on our webpage.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest inspired my interest in archaeology, as did family connections to northern Canada.  I received my undergraduate degree from Western Washington University and my graduate degrees from the University of Washington.  Over the years I have worked in a variety of settings (e.g. tribal, federal, private) in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and the Russian Far East (my CV).

I use this website to share publications, courses and other teaching related information, as well as current research.  Take a look over here if you are a prospective student.  Over on the blog page, I enjoy posting about day to day research activities and archaeological topics that catch my interest.